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Meanwhile, Venus and Uranus are still opposing each other. With Uranus messing with Venus' influence on our fashion sense, Halloween might be an unusual night, costume-wise. If kooky isn't your thing, don't stress: We'll all be feeling more balanced and fair-minded toward the end of the week, when Venus moves into Libra.

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From Sunday night to Tuesday night, the moon is in Cancer — feel free to pull back from the fray if you need time to heal, but remember there's a difference between feeling sorry for yourself and actively healing. The moon will then move into Leo, just in time to increase your sense of theatricality for Halloween. By the weekend, the moon shifts to practical Virgo, so that you can tackle your to-do list all day Saturday. This is a great day to start something new.

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On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss. However, do not stress yourself too much over this. However, this is not to mean that you should let your dreams die. As you are going to see from this report, your personality is versatile.

You can do much with your natural talents. You are under the Leo zodiac sign. Your astrological symbol is the Lion. This symbol represents those born between July 23 and August It stands for loyalty, kindness, and courage. The Sun plays an important role in your life. This celestial body is responsible for your productiveness and strength. Your chief governing element is Fire. This element collaborates closely with Earth, Water, and Air to give your life its complete meaning.

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The July 28 zodiac people are on the Cancer-Leo Cusp. This is the Cusp of oscillation. The Moon and the Sun rule over this cusp. Whereas the Moon rules over your Cancer side, the Sun governs your Leo personality.

July 28 Zodiac

This cusp is quite powerful, and its power is transferred directly to your life. Cancer and Leo are contradictory signs. However, it is this very reason that makes the Cusp of Oscillation so powerful. The Moon enables you to enjoy healthy relationships.

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From it, you receive such qualities as empathy, romance, loyalty, and understanding. On the other hand, the Sun is responsible for your drive in the business world. The fiery Sun gives you such appropriate qualities as determination, resilience, intelligence, and ambition. The Cusp of Oscillation plays an important role over your finances.

As such, you have achieved an almost perfect balance between spending and saving. Your astrological chart indicates that your health is okay. However, be wary of possible infections to your spine and heart. Leo people are susceptible to injuries in these parts of their bodies. July 28 zodiac lovers are some of the most compassionate in the entire zodiac spectrum. You go to great lengths to keep your partner interested in what you have to offer. You value courtship. As such, you spend sizable resources just to ensure that you enjoy the ritual.

Of course, the more you get into it, the more your lover gets convinced that you do love them. This is because you take every opportunity to spoil them. Partners that are attractive and ambitious have a special place in your heart.

This is because their personality tends to resonate well with yours. You appreciate them just as much as they understand you. Being charming and attractive, you are likely to fall in love from an early age. This means that you are likely to have many partners in your lifetime. There can be times when your need for independence can dominate and drive many of your actions. This can be an excellent time to make changes to your current lifestyle that will benefit you for years to come.

You are better able to manage your time, balancing out hard work with inspiration. You are more aware of the need for a balanced approach in your relationships, with money, and regarding diet and habits. The eclipses this year also encourage you to find a better work-rest balance. Tidying up your routines continues to have strong significance now.

Do watch for overdoing the work angle again this year. Skills development is favored now in preparation for the opportunities this upcoming period promises. Fortunately, this arrives on November 8th, It will run until December Even though Jupiter is not supported by the outer planets while it transits Sagittarius until December 2, , it feels especially comfortable and performs well in the sign, since it is its planetary ruler.

The Jupiter in Sag transit lasts just over a year and helps to open up channels for recreation, play, entertainment, hobbies, and creativity. It can also bring more opportunities to date and connect with others romantically. This is also a time for those Leos already in a relationship to more fully enjoy their connection.

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However, Venus enters Scorpio today for a stay until November 1st.