Sagittarius astrology november 27

Should not marry.

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Confused mind and a restless mind. Shameless behavior. The flirt. Needs fun and excitement. A life full of deceptions. Abused or abusive. Struggles through life. Needs an intellectual partner.

Love and Compatibility for November 27 Zodiac

Feels boxed in easily. Challenging relationships at large. Cannot settle. Cannot resist temptations. Sloppy at times.


Very vocal and a beautiful voice. Many deceptions in love. Needs experiences. Loves to party. Outerly nonchalant. Hardworking for the money. Successful fiancially. Takes on too much. Fears rejection. Disappointed love unions. Cannot settle down. Loves sex talk. Work partnerships. Stable relationships later in life. A powerful mind.

A natural leader. Needs an active partner. Needs pleasure. Falls in love with ideals. Quite calm. Many interests. Career-minded and ambitious. Needs variety. Tends to overdo. Needs time alone. Cannot stand details and daily realities. Destructive love relationships. Addictive behavior. Extremely restless. The maverick. Easily bored. Loves physical movements e. A heavy smoker. May have phobies. Intense inner life. Challenging love affairs.

November 27 Birthday Personality

Low profile. An optimist. Can be wealthy. Accumulates wealth. The outer appearance is of the utmost importance. Strongly sexed. Abusive or abused. Multiple marriages possible. Obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Born On November 27 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

Progressive and unique. Mentally very restless. Needs lots of changes.

Born November 27 – If Today Is Your Birthday

Difficult self-assessments. Inflexible mentally. A trend-setter. Goes with the flow. Needs an unconventional partner. Questionable relationships. Needs to learn to be honest in matters of love. Very driven. Restless on an inner level. Wants to be accepted and praised. Compuslive-obsessive behavior. Very calculating. Don Juan character. Cannot accept limitations.

Gets stuck often. A persuasive speaker. Too outspoken. Many love affairs. Unrequited love. Multiple marriages. Thinks BIG. Yet these seem to be getting worse by the day. Long ago, you realised that if there was a difficult point or issue, one particular individual would uncover it, then turn it into a drama.

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With the ideas planet Mercury retrograde and positioned in the most strategic portion of your chart, the less you say or do, the better. Discuss this. Differences of opinion are one thing. Tempting as it is to raise and discuss these, in the hope of helping them, it would be unwise. Until then, say nothing. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon.

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