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How far can you go? And will it be worth it when you get there? These are the sort of questions you should be asking yourself at the moment. Actually, everything depends on whether you like hard work or not. If you have a problem now, it may be related not so much to your own mistakes, as to a temporary hiccup in circumstances.

Aries (March 21 - April 1)

Give yourself a break. If you think about it, there are now certain commitments which can look after themselves. And you can look after yourself!

Hopefully, you are now aware of a general air of anticipation and excitement. Zodiac signs have never been used to determine the boundaries of astronomical constellations that lie in the vicinity of the zodiac, which are, and always have been, irregular in their size and shape. The use of the zodiac as a means to determine astronomical measurement remained the main method for defining celestial positions by Western astronomers until the Renaissance, at which time preference moved to the equatorial coordinate system , which measures astronomical positions by right ascension and declination rather than the ecliptic-based definitions of celestial longitude and celestial latitude.

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The word "zodiac" is also used in reference to the zodiacal cloud of dust grains that move among the planets, and the zodiacal light that originates from their scattering of sunlight. In Unicode, the symbols of zodiac signs are encoded in block "Miscellaneous Symbols": [53]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 5 October For the East Asian zodiac based on the Jovian orbital cycle, see Chinese zodiac. For other uses, see zodiac disambiguation.

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Further information: Former constellations. Further information: Babylonian star catalogues and MUL. Main article: Astrological sign. Further information: Axial precession , Epoch astronomy , Sidereal and tropical astrology , Astrological age , and Ayanamsa. Astronomical symbols Chinese zodiac Circle of stars Cusp astrology Elements of the zodiac. Oxford Dictionaries. Oxford University Press.

Retrieved 19 September The Signs of the Zodiac. Wilcox, London, p. See also Lankford, John; Rothenberg, Marc History of Astronomy: An Encyclopedia.

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The Unicode Standard. History of the Zodiac. Don't let hesitation guide your path.

Scorpio, remember that life is a series of cause and effect. You may not always see how love makes an impact on others, but your approval can be someone else's source of strength. Sagittarius, think through the process. Listen to your instincts even when you feel nothing. Surrendering to your inner voice can help amplify it when it goes radio silent. Capricorn, life is about change. You may undergo a major emotion transformation that removes an illusion and replaces it with a sweet reality you always sensed was there. Aquarius, be thankful for now and later.

Opportunities come once in a life time and the one you have right now that's familiar used to be a joyful gift received. Pisces, choose joy. Happiness can seem far removed when you focus on the negatives at hand. See the good in life and in this moment and the problems will minimize.

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