Sextile astrology october 30 2019

October 9: Progressed Sun is parallel Neptune in the Sun cycle — Neptune is the planet of schemes, chaos, confusion, aviation, oil and drugs. October Progressed Sun is trine Venus and square Pluto in the Sun cycle — Pluto creates division and tears countries apart. October Progressed Mars is square Sun — planet of politics and politicians — and Saturn — planet of security, recession, loss, fear, hardship and tariffs — in the Mars cycle. Progressed Mercury in his chart at 18 Aquarius 12 in house 6 has been sextile birth chart Moon at 17 Aries 17 in house 8 and trine birth chart Uranus at 17 Libra 57 in house 2 activating their exact birth chart opposition aspect; and with progressed Midheaven at 15 Cancer 55 in house 11 semisquare friction birth chart Saturn at 00 Gemini 46R in house 10 his reputation and progressed ascendant at 13 Libra 03 in house 2 sesquisquare agitation birth chart Midheaven his popularity and public standing has fallen Saturn.

Progressed Mercury — planet of controversy — is semisquare friction birth chart Sun — planet of power and politics — at 3 Capricorn 39 in house 5. Progressed Jupiter at 00 Capricorn 57 in house 4 is square obstacle birth chart Pluto at 1 Libra 39R in house 2; and progressed Venus at 1 Aries 47 in house 8 is square progressed Jupiter and opposition birth chart Pluto. Mercury, Venus and Saturn — the rulers of house 10 his popularity and reputation — are all involved in discordant progressed aspects.

It can be considered accurate and reliable. October Progressed Mars parallel Neptune in the Mars cycle starts — Mars and Neptune forecast strife and chaos — a frenzy of confused exaggeration. The Moon-Sun lunation is conjunction Mars — planet of strife, conflict, disputation, accidents and fires; and square Saturn — planet of protectionism, tariffs, security issues, lower prices, storms, floods and loss. Chart data is : September 28, at 2.

Venus — the cusp ruler of house 10 the administration — is in house 9 — square obstacle Saturn and Pluto in house 1 the people and their welfare. This will be a trying month for the American people especially farmers.

Quiz of the Day

Congress Scorpio is taking aggressive action in the courts and has wide public support for its policy actions on gun control and impeachment. As the saying goes, the one who wins is the winner. The trine between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mars in your sign will continue to make you feel physically at the top, making you real dragster. Stealing the job from the beach animator is not nice though.

October Astrology Forecast, by Bob Marks Professional Astrologer

The Moon combined with Neptune in opposition to your sign will urge you to explore your emotions more, without repressing them when they seem too powerful: interesting illuminations await you. Mars in Leo, in trigon to Jupiter in Sagittarius, will excite you from all the pores, shaking you out of your usual languor and leading you straight into the water to scurry to the rhythm of Caribbean melodies.

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Full speed ahead! The Moon in Pisces, joint with Neptune and in sextile to Saturn, will refine your intuition helping you to understand the intentions of a person that interests you. If you feel that the moment is propitious, act without delay.

The Moon in Pisces, in quadrature with Jupiter in your sign, could make you intolerant towards problematic people and muse. Instead of getting angry, infect them with your irrepressible joy.

Your October Horoscope, Revealed

The Moon in Pisces, in sextile to Saturn in your sign, will make you a bit taciturn but at the same time will give you poetic inspirations: if you can, close the world outside and write down your thoughts. Uranus in Taurus, squared to your sign, will urge you not to resist a proposal that at first sight does not inspire you: by showing you open and conciliatory you might be pleasantly surprised.

Gemini October 2019 Astrology UNEXPECTED REWARDS

The Moon in your sign, combined with Neptune, in quadrature with Jupiter and in sextile with Saturn, will enhance your imagination more than ever. Keep one foot on the ground: the mix of concreteness and creativity will be winning. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Tuesday 1st October 12222

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This is a beautiful day to explore new trends and luxe fabrics as you build out your fall wardrobe. The Sun leaves friendly Libra and enters seductive Scorpio on October 23, encouraging us to pursue our secret selves.

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Beware of hot tempers on October 27, when fiery Mars squares stoic Saturn. Put your best face forward on October 30, when social Mercury conjuncts material Venus. This conjunction helps us to connect, and make good first impressions.

Wednesday 2nd October 12222

Messenger Mercury goes retrograde on October 31, encouraging us to slow our thoughts and speech. Use this transit to reconfigure your frame of mind. This is the first-ever all-digital global march.