Arvind kejriwal horoscope prediction

Arvind Kejriwal- An Astrological Study

But looking at the favourable period over all the BJP is forming the government in Delhi with her as the chief minister it appears clearly. Arvind Kejriwal: This horoscope of Arvind I got directly from his own family more than ten years ago in a different context when he was not in politics but was in government service, on leave, running his NGO. Then he was seen on the same stage as Anna Hazare with Kiran Bedi. It was Jupiter Mercury Moon then.

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He did make a mark and did become a terror for the corrupt no doubt. He is remembered for that even now though he is accused of running away after forty nine days. Now when he is fighting this election the pratyantara dasha is of debilitated Saturn in all the three vargas. It could be that of the leader of opposition it seems now.

Renowned astrologer predicts Arvind Kejriwal will disappear by Jan 2017 and AAP will collapse

The birth time of Kiran Bedi was corrected by reducing it by one minute. Note: I still do not know if the horoscope of the Aam Aadmi Party used here is correct.

To get our newsletter please enter your email address in the box below and press 'Subscribe' button. Current Issue. The news of the death of Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati did not surprise me as for six years at least, as I personally know, his health had been bad, his diabetes was not under control. The three women who had conspired against him, Sonia Gandhi, Jayalalitha and Shashikala each suffered in her own way. Jayalalitha won elections after being defeated for one term, became the Chief minister but suffered from bad health and died a mysterious death.

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It makes her a weak politician. Sonia Gandhi, now suffering from some disease has retired from active politics, has handed over the presidentship of the Congress Party to her son, in the usual familiar Nehru waydynastic succession. On 3rd March came the news of the death of Mouni Baba, three days after the mahasamadhi of Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati on the last day of February.

Jayendra Saraswati, born in , was 82 years when he took samadhi. In the case of Mouni Baba we never knew his age as no one knew it and it was guessed that he was ninety three years old when he took samadhi though some newspapers said that he was years old then. These are the transit analysis during October , so that you can plan the month accordingly. Psychological effects to be seen from Moon sign and Practical results as per your ascendant, so apply this transit results as per your Moon sign and Ascendant both.

During October , Jupiter will be in Scorpio, Saturn in…. These are the transit analysis during September , so that you can plan the month accordingly. During September , Jupiter will be in Scorpio, Saturn retro in…. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Kejriwal's career may be seeing a sharp downside. But how will your career be?

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Buy the Career Report and find out. The prominent feature in the chart of Arvind Kejriwal is the conjunction of second and eleventh house Lord Mercury, fifth house Lord Jupiter and tenth house Lord Venus in the Ascendant which forms a very powerful Raj Yoga. It is this Raj Yoga which makes Arvind Kejriwal a spirited leader who always seeks attention. Also, it makes him immensely ambitious. The grapevine has it that he even had started dreaming of becoming the prime minister of India. Also, he has five planets in the trine houses in his horoscope.

Sun is the Atmakaraka in his chart. So, he possesses impressive leadership qualities and mass appeal. It promises a wonderful career, as long as he can focus his attention on Delhi, stay down to earth, and not get embroiled in corruption. However, Sun is the Ascendant Lord and placed in the 12th house with debilitated Mars.

It makes Arvind Kejriwal 'over-confident' , dominant and often known for his confrontational attitude. Adding to this, Saturn, debilitated sixth house lord in the ninth house of luck with the Lord of 12th house Moon is a very strong negative signature in his chart. It indicates lots of struggle and difficulties in Arvind Kejriwal's political career.

It also makes him prone to a sudden downfall, as witnessed recently after AAP lost in the assembly elections and even in the Delhi Municipal Corporation polls. Rahu is placed in the 8th house and its significator Jupiter is eclipsed by transiting Rahu, which may cause struggle and tensions. Many misunderstandings, problems and doubts will dent Arvind Kejriwal's public image.

Adding to this, the forthcoming transit of Rahu in Cancer will also remain difficult for Arvind Kejriwal.