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Cosmobiology does not share the mainstream opinion and considers the semi-square to be a major aspect in any chart interpretation. From Astrodienst Astrowiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Category : Aspect. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in editors only.

Multiple Planet Square Astrology

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Example of an Aspect

The observations through centuries, confirmed that the Aspects based on triangle [ Trine, Sextile, Semisextile] are generally harmonic interactions, and the Aspects based on square [Square, Opposition, Semisquare ] are generally not harmonic interactions. Of course, that is a big simplification, and again, the list of the Aspects is incomplete, but as I said before, they are for a more advanced level of study.

At the moment, the usual Aspects are a good start point to begin study them and their meanings on your Natal Chart. The Trine represents an interaction based on tuning. The parts of your psyche involved are similar forces that work together to go on in their fields of actions, in a very natural way. Anyway, you can easily see its effects on your life, thanks to its constant action. To better understand the Trine, imagine 2 persons parts of your psyche who have the same kind of strength, pushing a box field of action together in the same direction.

Planetary Aspects In Astrology

The Sextile represents an interaction based on complementarity. The parts of your psyche involved are different but complementary forces, they complete each other and work together to create motion on their fields of action, very often a new kind of motion. Even if the Planets involved have different nature, they will be capable to create a good relationship, not calm and full of ferment, but able to give you the best parts of 2 different world, so it has positive and productive effects Venus nature. To better understand the Sextile, imagine 2 persons parts of your psyche who have similar strength but different directions: they push a box field of action on opposite directions, but they make a deal to avoid fighting each other and use their different strengths to create new motion, like the rotation.

The Opposition represents an interaction based on contrast. The parts of your psyche involved are similar but opposites.

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They have a conflict, they fight to prevaricate each other, and it creates tension in their fields of action. For that reason, it block the system often, there is a stalemate. Their bond is pretty evident inside your psyche, but you will be not capable to perceive it on a conscious level, anyway very often you can see its effects on your life clearly, even because its action is intense, constant and persistent Saturn nature. The contrast between the Planets involved creates pressure inside those parts of your psyche, an inner conflict, and then stress.

To better understand the Opposition, imagine 2 persons parts of your psyche who have the same strength; one pushes a box field of action while the other one pushes the same box on the other side, so there is only pressure and the box is motionless. The Square represents an interaction based on a laceration.