Cancer weekly horoscope for november 13 2019

Scorpio 12222 Horoscope

Perhaps this is a moment to pull back a little and let them realize how much they actually need—and adore—you. Fire up your love light!

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This Tuesday, amorous Venus grooves into Scorpio and your passionate fifth house until November 1. Regardless of your current status—from single to married to anything in between—your mojo is rising and, with it, your visibility.

Love and Compatibility for November 13 Zodiac

Simmering connections can intensify quickly under this transit, especially if you know what you want and think you may have found it. If things are too shaky for your liking, cut bait and fish in richer waters. And since the fifth house rules fertility, couples who are thinking of starting or expanding a family have three weeks of wind in their sails. So hang the Do Not Disturb sign and weigh anchor.

This Sunday, the year's only full moon in Aries electrifies your tenth house of professional ambition and success, grooming you for an exciting new level of public recognition and increased responsibility.


Some Crabs will land their dream job in the coming two weeks—peak manifesting time for this lunation—or perhaps over the next half-year, since full moons can take up to six months to fully unfold. You might even have a romantic rendezvous with a special someone who validates your moonlight gifts.

It will feel vulnerable, a little scary, and definitely messy, but this is not the year for hiding your light behind a crab shell.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

There may even a hometown romance in the works. Ruled by the god of communication, Virgo is one of the most intellectual and critically thinking signs in our zodiac. Ready, set, redecorate, Libra! What qualities, people, emotions, behavior matter most to you? To really impress the Universe, make virtue how you measure your worthiness — not necessarily worldly qualifiers of success.

Scorpio Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

Happy Scorpio Season! The Universe is always conspiring to align your life circumstances in such a way that provide the experiences for you to become the almighty Scorpio you can be.

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Lay claim to that truth and watch the miracles occur. On Sunday, the annual New Moon in Scorpio is your moment to declare your most loving, personal, interpersonal, and professional intentions for the next six months. Happy birth month and happy manifesting! Take a deep breath with me.

Weekly Horoscope: October 7 - 13

Your month of spiritual renewal is halfway completed, Sagittarius. The Universe wants you to identify other people's needs and ways that you can use your energy to help them over the next six months. Collaboration, thy name is Capricorn! Sure your disciplined soul is a bit comfortable as a rugged individualist, but your psyche is feeling more nourished by networking, teamwork, and meaningful partnership these days. This a time for the choir — not the soloist!

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We have lift-off, Aquarius! There is no sign deemed to rise more professionally and publicly more than yours for the next year.