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Message List New Topic. Lorie Anderson. Lee conducts deceptive "experiments" demonstrating how his Brain Respiration BR program develops ESP in children: blindfolded and closed book reading, telekinetic spoon-sticking and spoon-bending. He reports that certain research universities are studying BR's ESP effects, but certain named researchers told me they are not. Meanwhile, BR, with its paranormal and religious underpinnings, enters public schools nationwide as a child development program. M Grufe. I started the yoga class 7 months ago, 2 three-month contracts, and then 1 month onlyl.

I began to have doubts as the yoga exercises introduced and quickly expanded their "brain training" sessions. This included rather weird, increasing in volume, drum beating, while the members in the class were told to simply sway, with eyes closed, in any manner they liked. During this time the master walked around shouting "Brain Wave, brain wave, brain wave. This gave me the creeps, and I waited for them to serve grape Kool Aid.

And at my age, my brain has already received all the training it needs! I do not think I will renew my membership as I have the same thoughts as expressed in the above reference. And it's a total shame, because the exercises are terrific! Too bad. Reply Quote. Dahn Yoga: I currently been in dahn yoga for a couple of months. With in that month I have been going through a rough time and of course when you are going through a rough time you want help.

The center helped, but then it was like you need to be here a least one year and take this class and go here and here. I currently don't want to because I could use this money for something else. With the money I spent here I could be able to have seen a pschologist and get the help I needed with less cost.

They do drag you in a room and try to make a sale. I really do like the classes because it does keep me healthy, and I do like the trainers because they do check to see where your are blocked. I do not like who they made me do bows and chant their prayers. I just pretend until I can get better and leave and change my phone number contact infromation. I never use to eat and now I eat well so there has been some positive out of Dahn but I wish they would not try to sell you everything and you always need Dr.

Seung Heun Lee book for everything. I really like the classes besides the workshops and the sales. Note: The content of this post was not edited by Lorie Anderson, but just moved to a more suitable thread location. Edited 2 time s. I'm a former member of Dahnhak. I trained intensively for 1 year, and then I become an instructor for 1 year. Then I quit to move on with my life. I haven't been at a Dahn Center for 8 months now. I started taking Kung-Fu a month ago, and it's undeniable that I benefited greatly from the Dahnhak programs.

I've become extremely flexible and my breathing has become very deep. My Kung-Fu instructors are astonished at my mind-body coordination and flexibility. I'm a white belt in Kung Fu right now, but I tried to explain to them that I may be an advanced student, because I was an Instructor for a type of training Dahn Yoga that is Qi-gong and Tai-chi based. I'm deeply grateful to Dahn Yoga for their teachings and for my personal transformation.

Their programs really do work, and it's worth it. Although, I can see how people can get really involved and consumed by it. Just know when to take a break from it. That's all, and that's what I did. This post was edited by moderator to show the correct subject heading and moved to the correct placement on the forum Edited 1 time s. Would you care to share your Dahn experience on another forum?

I respectfully invite anyone who has something to contribute. I think the statement, "know when to quit" sums it all up. I became involved with Dahn Hak Yoga during a period of life where I was literally immobilized by the loss of my mother, my daughter, and an illness that almost killed me.

I found the Dahn Hak to be an absolute lifesaver, and I knew enough about physiology, anatomy, and neurology to understand the physical basis behind all the mystical talk. I invested way too much money into a year long membership for myself and my older daughter, bought books, CD's, the ridiculously over-priced "brain respiration" system, the portable "brain" vibrators, etc. I attended one weekend seminar that absolutely convinced me that, despite the physical benefits of the yoga, the organization was basically a very profit oriented business that effectively preys upon folks who are at physical and emotional lows in their lives.

I have taken the basic exercises I learned in the classes the "tapping", especially, is very effective - it simply draws blood to whatever area you "tap" and loosens muscles; the breathing techniques are basic to any and every stress reduction program out there and used them to great benefit. I have found their method of massage, especially its focus on the subject usually one of my children is delightfully beneficial to both parties - I find myself as relaxed as my subject when I am finished. In a nutshell - "Eyes Open, Wallet Shut" is the perfect advice.

Know thyself! Be aware of what will benefit you, recognize when you are being cornered, coerced, or pressured, and take what you need and LEAVE! Anonymous User. Hi Lorie and others. First of all, thank you Lorie for your work on this expose. I am not really a Dahn devotee but my girlfriend who is and who went to the same retreat last January enrolled me into it. According to her it's an enlightement retreat. She told me it's a holistic healing program that uses brain wave vibration to makes the brain naturally heal its body.

The "Tao Master" there said it is very necessary that she enrolls me because the higher power communicated to her that myh spirit energy is very low and my life is in danger. ANyway, since it's already paid for, i flew in from the Philippines to their Mago garden in Sedona. It was a terrible experience.


We were tapping and jabbing our whole bodies for hours - basically beating our own bodies until it's bruised "in order to enter our subconscious and connect to the "Chung Ji Ki Un" or the COsmic Being, as they say; and shaking our heads and making funny sounds "to activate our brains". Three days before the end of the retreat, I still couldn't understand why we were doing what we were doing. I am a medical doctor by profession, btw. The Tao Master examined me during a healng session and told me that the reason why i couldn't understand is because the spirits of my ancestors are residing inside me and are interfering with my thoughts.

She said it is critical taht I do the "Chun Do" ceremony, which is a ceremony to honor the ancestors and ask them to leave my body. I said, "O ANd she goes, "But it's expensive". I said, "how much? YOu have to say Yes first". I thought that was crazy but i humored her anyway and said , "sure, let's do it. Now how much? I was shocked!

Top 10 Yogas in astrology for Massive Wealth or Sudden fame and Successful career

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In India, there is a secret esoteric tradition that has kept records detailing the past, present and future for many people.

What is Dhana Yoga?

This is called Nadi astrology. These records were written by various enlightened masters who are collectively called the Siddhas. I have mentioned them earlier in this book. If you have been drawn to this book and have been finding it helpful, these enlightened Siddhas may have known you in a past life when you lived in India. If so, at that time they agreed to help you during a crisis in a future lifetime, and they always keep their word. For many people, that future lifetime is actually the one they are in now.

The promised help they will receive will come from Nadi astrology. If you are drawn to investigate Nadi astrology in this lifetime, there is a strong chance that you have a connection with these Siddhas and there are records waiting for you, sort of Post-its from the Divine, giving explanations and directions for this lifetime.

Many traditions have Your money karma is carried out in life through the planers, through your personal astrology. I recommend that you find out which planets are directly involved in creating financial hardships for you and do some remedies to change those bad influences. He knows everything about your body, but he needs to send you to an eye doctor or an orthopedic doctor as the need arises. Astrology and palmistry have always belonged together. If the practice of the mudras stimulates your interest in palmistry, you can find a large selection of literature on the topic.

The mudras can actually strengthen the hands and the individual fingers, even changing character traits in the process. In the little finger , we find creativity, a sense of beauty, and inner clarity in the ring finger, there is sense of family, the ability to love, and a feeling of security initiative, sobriety, and the love of order are found in the middle finger intellectual faculty, individuality, and striving for power are in the indexfinger the will, instinctiveness, and vitality in general are found in the thumb.

Further classifications from astrology and palmistry can be found in the illustrations on page 38 and the one below.

Top 10 Yogas in astrology for Massive Wealth or Sudden fame and Successful career

However, she never told her husband about the dream and how she got those numbers. The husband came home, but he had forgotten to play the lotto. That night the prize was announced. The winning numbers were the same ones she saw in her dream. She ended up divorcing the guy. The way that numbers can change your life is amazing. Use the special number grid included in this chapter. It contains nine numbers and they correspond to the nine planets in Vedic astrology. To bring positive change into your life, put these numbers in your consciousness.

Inscribe the numbers on a thin copper plate. You can get a copper plate as thin as paper from a local craft or hobby store.

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Put it on your meditation altar. Repeat each number nine times, both horizontally and vertically, with your eyes closed. Offer candlelight, incense, flowers and some raisins.

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Pray to the numbers. Astrology helps us determine the most appropriate time to work on a particular tattva. While the Sun is in earth signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - is the most powerful time to align with the earth element. I have made my astrological New Millennium Being e-zine a part of this training so that you can use this information to develop your relationship with the elements.

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  7. Astrology has enjoyed much popularity in the West for many years. The 6,year-old Hindu astrology system differs from Western astrology in several key areas. Whereas Western astrology focuses on personality and character analysis, Hindu or Vedic astrology also called Jyotish focuses on life circumstances and on events that are destined to occur in your life. Hindu astrology is based upon the philosophy of karma , with the premise that your current life is the result of actions you have had in previous births.

    Hindu astrology readings also differ from Western astrology in that they include recommendations for remedies to alleviate or mitigate karmic circumstances and events. These remedies include the prescription of specific gemstones to be worn touching your body, special mantras or rituals such as homas, also called pujas poojas or yagnas yagyas yajnas.

    There are many excellent Hindu astrologers in India and now in the West as well. We also provide astrological counseling Spiritually, he has been tasked with sharing in the West the mysteries of several ancient esoteric sciences including Nadi astrology and homas fire rituals. The Tamil Siddha tradition, through Nadi astrology, has identified Sri Siva as a reincarnation of four great saints from ancient India astrology, alchemy, mantras , sastras, and medicine. This was potentially the most dangerous combination for the welfare of the planet.

    Due to the grace of God, this danger was averted. Hereafter, there will not be a major apocalypse.