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As far as strength or importance of an aspect I would have to go with the conjunction. Originally Posted by detectahead. The Brotherhood of Light describe s the processes similar to these for opposition, square, conjunction: The Conjunction as you know brings two forces together and however they are designed in element and humor one which is more powerful wins over the effect of the other or they both "agree" to blend and bring that whichever they rule together to be profited by, or otherwise. A square acts with much force as in a major scuffle between the two forces..

The square has an effect of overturning vessels of wine to each involved in the energies wake.. As the diplomat enters and the two abiding kings resolve the distress by a third ambassador who brings new action into the process.. The process is reconciliation of a hard lesson of effectiveness, a saving grace is the process.. There are some whom believe the force of the square is so powerful that it is assumed it is the more devastating of them all, but it is this astrologer's opinion it is the opposition which is the more powerful, rendering as-sunder and separating, as two powers come to logger heads boiling back along each other's path of energy until one is completely within the wake of the forces of the other..

Here in ends the lesson..

The Two Categories of Aspects

The BrotherHood of light based in Los Angeles California has a much more succinct explanation than I am capable of giving here. All the best Vyri. Last edited by Vyri; at AM. Just my opinion, but all other things being equal , I think that Sun square Saturn and Sun conjunct Saturn are the more difficult.

The square because of its ambush-like quality.

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Sort of like one planet lurks around the corner from the other. The conjunction is difficult because of its overwhelming quality. With the opposition, at least you can see it. It is right in front of you. Maybe in your way, but still right in front of you. Avoid generalisation even if it is fun tempting but notoriously unreliable fact is also depends WHICH of the planets are opposing each other and from which sign location and from which house and from which degrees of those signs.

Last edited by detectahead; at AM. Originally Posted by IleneK. Originally Posted by Vyri. For me, no question: opposition is more intense than square; however, in practice a seperating opposition would not be as intense as an exact exactly 90 degree square, or even as an applying square within 1 degree of exact, In Greco-Roman and Arabic astrology, there was a hierarchy of aspects: -most singificant was a conjunction however, a conjunction is not technically an ASPECT-there is no "aspecting" in unity -next in power, the opposition -then the square -next the trine -least, the sextile.

I think square is probably more difficult. With this aspect, the two planets are of incompatible element. But with opposition their elements are at least compatible. I can only speak for myself When two planets are in opposition, they share the same energy Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable but in two different yet compatible elements -- they're always either Air-Fire or Earth-Water. In astrology as in nature, Air is favorable to Fire and Water is favorable to Earth. On the other hand, when two planets square each other, they share the same energy but in two different and incompatible elements -- Fire-Earth, Earth-Air, Air-Water, or Water-Fire.

Fire with Earth usually ends up with Earth either figuratively smothering Fire or Fire turning Earth into a volcano -- and not in a good way.

Planetary Aspects In Astrology: Conjunct, Square, Trine & More

Earth with Air usually ends up with Earth either figuratively suffocating Air or being stirred up into a sand storm. Air with Water usually means that Air either gets drowned or Water gets stirred up into a hurricane. Water with Fire usually means that Fire gets extinguished or Water ends up boiling. At least in my opinion, signs in opposition essentially want the same things deep down but choose to pursue them in very different ways -- Aries and Libra both want justice, Taurus and Scorpio both want security, Gemini and Sagittarius both want knowledge, Cancer and Capricorn both want stability, Leo and Aquarius both want to rise above it all, etc.

Signs in square, however, are very different from each other and do not want the same things even though they share the same energy -- as an example, Aries loves to take risks while Cancer and Capricorn usually prefer to play it safe, and Aquarius remains emotionally detached while nothing could be further from the truth for either Scorpio or Taurus.

Thank you everyone for your replies; they are most helpful. No, my friend has a lot of opposition in her chart and she doesnt realize how she acts in certain situations. So no, the opp is something you cant see or you are not aware of. The opposition is like a glass wall you cant see, you keep bumping into it, repeating the same behavior until something changes or comes to light. Last edited by GeminiGrrl; at AM.

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Sign up to our mailing list download. Learn How to Read Tarot Our tarot school of monsters and mischief awaits! Dive into the world of self knowledge and magic. Squares are often more difficult when we are young, as these aspects force us to grow and learn our lessons. The Trine: Planets in trine support each other. Trines, by nature, are accepting. They allow us to accept others, ourselves, and situations. The talents that trines offer a native are so natural that they are almost unconscious.

However, these talents are second nature and completely natural.

Astrological aspects

Another man with Venus square Neptune may have similar qualities and may possess a strong desire to accept his partner blindly, but doing so is not as natural as the first man. He has to work on it and might come up against difficult situations in which he feels duped or abused by his partners as a result of that acceptance.

Therein lies the key to the meaning of this aspect: relationship. People with oppositions seek out others as if to mirror their own internal struggles. They learn about themselves through interactions with others. Very often, oppositions cause us to swing from one side to the other and we feel torn. Oppositions represent a state of divided loyalties. Inner discontent, uncertainty, and insecurity can be a result. While a square is urgent and courageous, an opposition is unsure and wavering.

When we use our oppositions correctly, we are more willing to consider the other side and we can be adept negotiators.

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The expression of the trine is very natural and automatic, while the energies created with the sextile are things that can be drawn upon if need be. With trines, the energies tend to flow naturally into constructive channels, and with sextiles, a conscious effort is required to push the energies into constructive channels. Difference between oppositions and squares: Squares create the kind of tension that demands action.

What Conjunction, Trine, Square, Opposition, And Sextile Mean In Astrology & Birth Charts

Oppositions also create tension, but natives generally seek out others in relationships in order to work out that tension! Note that planets in opposition generally occur with compatible sign elements, while squares generally occur between signs that are considered incompatible by element. The closer the aspect, the more unconscious and habitual it is likely to be.