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However the appearance of this third person will help bring into evidence the problems that have existed for quite a while. Virgo will need to make an important decision and make it quick because the situation will not allow them to take much time to think. Men and women who are single in the beginning of the year will be able to nail down a relationship or create stable ties.

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Those who on the last months of began a casual relationship based on sex will have the possibility to take that relationship on a deeper and committed level on the first months of the year In the lapse of January until June, unexpected and drastic changes could occur to their marital status, from divorce to matrimony. Daily Horoscope.

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Virgo: Significant Date for Marriage in 12222

Couple compatibility. Be open. For some, however, you will find out exactly what the medical issue is and, again, thanks to Jupiter, might be able to resolve it. In fact, with Saturn stepping into your 6th House of Health from March 21 - July 1, if a health issue does surface, it is your karmic call to pay attention to it. Welcome to the club! For the most part, however, will be about dynamic changes to your home and family life as well as your professional world.

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Eclipses begin to touch these parts of your chart in , calling you to consider your place in the world in a significant way. Venus turns retrograde at the top of your chart between May 13 and June 25 and this might be when it all begins for you. At this time, you might grapple with feeling completely unsatisfied professionally and wonder if you have been wasting your time and talents for way too long. A long overdue internal dialogue will likely occur that makes you reconsider whether or not you are delivering the value you can and should be professionally, and whether or not you're being appreciated by higher ups if you have been consistently over delivering without reward.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope October 7, 12222

Whatever happens internally as a result of this time might lead to a drastic turning point in your career near the November 30 Lunar Eclipse at the top of your chart. Remember, if something ends for you at this time it really was long over-due.

A transition that happens is only realigning you to what your true potential is vocationally.