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Type your question hereā€¦ Please Ask one specific question and provide relavant details In case of multiple questions, only the first will be answered. This zodiac sign can make the most out of any bad situation. Articulate, versatile and inquisitive. Having an intellectual type of personality, magnetic upon first impression.

Well liked by most people they encounter, they are natural communicators, lively and entertaining and quite the romantic. Some Negatives: Renown for their duel personalities, their moods can change from moment to moment. Having a somewhat quick temper. Sometimes will argue just for the sake of arguing, and can be somewhat fickle at times.

Witty and willing to change to suit conditions.

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Having inquisitive minds they are also versatile but inconsistent at times to the point of being cunning. Gemini is a whiz at reaping information and can accomplish most any feat as long as they do not become bored. They are known for their abilities to make something out of nothing as long as they find the subject interesting. At most times you will find the Gemini to be doing two things at once. They are affectionate very generous and impulsive. Quick to temper but get over incidents quickly, and seldom hold grudges.

Geminians most of all desire others to show them respect.

Zodiac Signs - Gemini

They are charming and pleasing and well liked by the majority of acquaintances. And are known to be tender and passionate depending on their mood at the time. They also have an aversion to monotony, becoming bored very quickly if having to stay any one place too long. The people that fall under the Gemini astrological sign often tend to be very communicative.

They can articulate their words very well. You will find that most Gemini's will lean toward careers in some sort of media or communication profession. The brains in the family usually, these folks seem to have a lot of smarts! If someone in the crowd might know the answer to that crossword puzzle question, or jeopardy question, this is the person to ask! Having inquisitive minds, they stay distracted and often forget basic bodily needs, such as eating and sleeping. Gemini is ruler of the nervous system, causing mental and nervous exhaustion to be trouble spots.

They suffer more than most with colds and flu. In part from their reluctance to get rest when needed. The fingers, hands, arms and shoulders of the Gemini are also trouble spots. Knowing this; treatment with massage will be of great benefit.

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Techniques to relax, by silence and controlling the mind to take it easy fends off constant mental turmoil. Having duel personalities they are sociable and bubbly which tends to lead to naturally erratic energy levels. Regular fitness, meals and rest are vital in reducing their mood swings.

They can go with the flow and most are multi talented. They are adaptable and many sided. With their many abilities and interesting temperament they can be the person everyone wants to be with. Until the other side of the Gemini steps out. Many find great success in communications, having bright and outgoing personalities they excel in expressing themselves.

Being the sign of the twins they think they are always right and can form strong opinions quickly. In the next moment they can change their minds so rapidly, that they often contradict themselves. Gemini represents the third sign of the zodiac. It is said that Pollux grieved mercilessly for his dead brother Castor, who was killed during a fight.

Pollux grieved with such intensity that Zeus restored his brother Castor back to life.