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It's definitely a bygone idiomatic phrase. Vincent Millay You so rarely see them in the same room together. Plus Little EVA. And MR. Now I'm just listing names. I'll stop. Save And Share :. Even if it's the bizarre, creepy kind of dazzling? I'm not much of a car guy to begin with, but I can usually say I've at least heard of most makes and models in this country. Not so with that one. I think it was invented so that the first guy who drove recklessly in one could say that he was Cruze-in' for a Bruisin'.

I could have sworn I grew up in the heyday of MTV. I fixed it soon enough, but still. Nice easy Mon.

Liked it. After all, it's one of the requirements for doing crosswords. My husband's family uses this all the time. Here are a few version that used only 3 theme answers. Adding a car that nobody's heard of doesn't add much. Had the same thought that this theme only really exists thanks to the car. I guess it's a very nice version of my first car, a Chevette. Beyond grateful that Tom did not show up in this puzzle. I love a good potluck. I find it really interesting to see what other people will make. When I was a kid, someone always made deviled eggs.

It was jarring when I got married and changed my name from an S to an L and had to start bringing a side dish instead of a dessert. Oscar - a quarter million or so in sales in is hardly "nobody. ORAL testimony? My compass is off. These are times that try Speaking of fires. As winter settles in I remind all to carry three ways to start a fire, a food bar of some type, water, space blanket, candle and some basic first aid supplies in your car.

Also bring dryer lint to use to start a fire. When stranded see if you can start your spare tire that you have deflated on fire slightly down wind from you and your car. Then get in your car, light candle if needed amazing how warming a candle can be. The smoke and smell from the burning tire should bring help. And, it gives you something to watch. Most rescues good occur when one stays with ones car.

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Most recoveries bad occur when one does not. Again from C38 LGA, maybe for the last time. Easy, fun, cruised right through, even though not knowing Chevrolet car. A fine puzzle. Found it easy. I like the word OXEN, as it is one of the very few 7? Another is brethren arch. I don't like misspelled product names. Gimme a vapid made-up name any day over one of these.

Astrologer Jeane - Crossword Clue Answer -

Evan - still laughing from you ice fishing for COD yesterday and the comments it elicited. I found the puzzle harder and more interesting than the usual Monday. General Motors would not be pleased by all the Cruze comments. It was heavily advertised when it firs appeared and there's one parked in my garage. It's a cute little car with lots of bells and whistles. Quick, fun Monday. I don't know why, but it's always fun to see multiple ZZZs.

Have a wonderful day, all, and especialy thank you Rex for giving us this space. I think I got the theme at raincheck. I loved this one, very clever and fun. I woo-ed first, too, and I wondered where Lenin stole that Van Dyke piece Happy thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for, with the pumpkin pie in the oven and family coming in a couple of hours. Just two blocks from here is a long foodline. Not just today, they were being served yesterday as well. It's not too late to enjoy the Poo books or even better A.

Oh, man. When I first saw the clue "Cackling cry from a mad scientist before unleashing havoc on southern California", I knew we were gonna have a puz to be mightily thankful for. You rule, Joel dude. Couple more U's, and youda been bound for glory. Hapnin' TurkeyDay, puzbloggers. I was totally done with the puzzle and was still completely befuddled before I got the theme.

Love it! Never got the theme until I checked in with Rex. Not impressed. Puzzle defeated me. Didn't even bother checking in on Tuesday and Wednesday, the puzzles were so easy, and then this one lost me -- I don't have the right frame of reference. Got really screwed up when I tried Piglet and watched it stack next to Esposas.

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Esposas actually would be a better answer than Senoras. But of course, that GP at the end of 3D would be a "Bad sign". Bad sigp. Yes, like others, had woo before sue, and sue does make the clue clever. Don't get the 50A clue and answer -- yes, docks relates to longshoremen -- but WTF does boon have to do with a lack of antiperspirant?

Don't get it. Not an enjoyable puzzle. Unsatisfying beginning to a four-day weekend. Such a minor problem. On to the real deal, family Thanksgiving, wonderful family, wonderful food, and surprisingly wonderful East Coast late November weather. Finished the puzzle before I understood the theme-DOH! Just had to add to the praise. Great theme. Day with family. Good food. Who could ask for anything more. Happy Tanksgiving all. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who comments and especially to Rex who keeps us entertained, challenged and enlightened.

Thanks also to Rex for being the answer man when we're stuck Saturday, especially! I am thankful that for the past 35 years I have had the opportunity to do the NYT crossword. I have learned history, mythology, Latin phrases, weirdly spelled three and four letter words and a whole lot more, while having tons of fun. I truly believe it has kept my mind sharp and my pencils, too. Best wishes to everyone and my hope to my fellow NY'ers that things will be back to normal soon.

LA Times Crossword Answers 31 Jul 14, Thursday

Clever clever theme and enjoyable puzzle. I was tempted several times to check for incorrect letters, but successfully fought the urge, and was rewarded with a solve. I've been trying to come up with other answers of this theme's genre, and have been unsuccessful. How about some of you? So I guess our only holiday theme this week is the parade puzzle. Wishing all a happy Thanksgiving. Hey now. One more U than I gave this great puz cred for. Got confused. So, sue me -- or see me. This puz really must've had a pretty complete set of themer answers.

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Nobody's bringin' up any extras for a vote. I agree with loren muse smith, although she just put in in terms of how Rex might react. There is a bit of a problem with "L. There is no problem with "shiver" and "shiv," as they are not related. The similarity is only part of the fun, as pointed out by Acme.

The puzzle was very good, but it was tough for me, partly because of the sports clues some of which were easier than expected. Got there eventually, which is to the credit of the puzzle. Superb puzzle -- one of the best in a while. All of the theme answers brought wide smiles as they fell.

Clue: Astrologer Dixon

Great work. This week's relative difficulty ratings. In a nutshell, the higher the ratio, the higher this week's median solve time is relative to the average for the corresponding day of the week. All solvers this week's median solve time, average for day of week, ratio, percentile, rating Mon , , 1. It was ok. Seen this sort of theme before, but these were good examples even if they weren't totally consistent in form. Well, that was cute! Must have been hard to think up those theme answers. No new ones are occurring to me. Was thinking ft for Civil War battle site 11D , but waited.

Feel double time-warped, given that it's just after Christmas in syndi-land, and Thanksgiving in Canada is in October. Happy New Year, all!

Dixon of the Mason-Dixon Crossword Clue

I finished the puzzle completely and quickly but didn't get the theme until coming here. The S. Union-Trib never prints a theme clue like "Initials, Initials. Oh well, the rest of the paper has also gone to hell. The L. Times has got to be the best rag west of the Mississippi.

So sayeth this self-proclaimed People's Pundit. Nice theme, and even if done before, this one was very well crafted.

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Sussing the theme helped a lot, because of tricky cluing for a lot of the fill. There's a Venn diagram in there, I'm sure. I didn't notice it was 16 wide; I never do. Sorry, guys. Another school with the same mascot is my alma mater, Bloomsburg U. Yeah, I guess this one has an awful lot of sports stuff, particularly with NBA and NL in the same corner, but that's a minor league? Frotar una cosa con otra.

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